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The IMF Director Christine Lagarde is concerned about sentiments being expressed around the world about anti-globalisation as reported by Bloomberg. Also Bloomberg has reported that Mr. Donald Trump intends to direct the U.S. economic policy towards an insular national economy rather than been part of a globalised world economy. Globalisation is on the world agenda.


In November 2014 we produced a comparison between our commercial and legal models and some findings published in a press release relating to the paper that gained the Nobel Prize for Economics 2014 by Professor Jean Tirole. We found some similarities between the two. Our research has been directed at the study of globalisation in order to consider its structure and behaviour and therefore effects on national economies.


Our findings are that globalisation is an innate characteristic of human nature and therefore a policy against globalisation, in our opinion, is not a realistic policy.  Also it is our opinion that the economic policies of the European Union, the content of the TTP, TTIP and the phenomenon of globalisation all have common characteristic in that they promote protectionism for certain entities that limit free global trade protected by truly global commercial laws. It is impossible to try and create a “global economic level playing field” in a world where the commercial laws governing commerce are not international. That said, globalisation and non-global trading regions are not the cause of economic detriment, in our opinion, it is the lack of a uniform set of commercial international laws to facilitate the trade on a fair and reasonable basis as what we have is negotiated agreements such as TTP and TTIP and the laws of the EU that protect the interests of certain political and socio-economic interests thereby excluding the rights and economic participation of individuals and smaller organisations.


We would invite you to consider our comments made in our press release 187.2 which deals with the issues surrounding the phenomenon of globalisation:

187-2 Review Nobel Economics 2014 – Copy