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Sam Perez



Sam studied agriculture in Chile and law in England. He has been working with Kay Pysden for many years assisting in the handling of litigation disputes.

Sam and Kay have published a number of papers on terrorism in relation to transport and commerce and in 2008 published their first book on the subject. Some of the papers include “Jurisdiction and Law-Implications for the International Commerce” 2001; “Report on Expected Legislation in the US Relating to Port Security” 2002; ““Said to Contain”-Is There a Future?” 2002; “The UK Government and the US Container Security Initiative” 2002; “Antiterrorist Legislation/Customs Rules & Regulations/Preventative Programmes in the US and their possible Foreseeable Effects on Transport and Other Industries” 2002; “Possible Contractual implications of CSI and C-TPAT” 2002; “Prior Notice of Imported Food Under the US. Bioterrorism Act” 2002; “Proposed Security Regulation by the Commission of the European Communities-Review” 2002; “Counter Terrorism-The Legal Implications” (London 2003/Zurich 2004) “Introduction to the Single Window Concept ” 2004; “Liability under the Different Security Levels” 2004 and the publication is entitled “Commercial Guide II” 2007 (on terrorism and commerce)

Sam’s comments on the subject of antiterrorist measures and their implications for the transport industry and International Commerce have been published by the world press and quoted by Associations, Governments and World Organisations. Some of these include the report by the UNCTAD Secretariat entitled “UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT – CONTAINER SECURITY: MAJOR INITIATIVES AND RELATED INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS” February 2004. Sam was congratulated by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Henry Kissinger for his Presentation given in London 2003 and Zurich 2004 entitled “Counter Terrorism-The Legal Implications”. He has also been mentioned in the “Report on the Operation in 2005 of the Terrorism Act 2000” May 2006; “Report on the Operation in 2007 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and of Part I of the Terrorism Act 2006” June 2008 and “Report on the Operation in 2008 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and of Part I of the Terrorism Act 2006” June 2009 by Lord Carlile of Berriew Q.C. and the final Report by Dr. Helen Peck to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK entitled “Resilience in the Food Chain: A Study of Business Continuity Management in the Food and Drink Industry” July 2006.

In 2009 Sam and Kay published “Commercial Guide I” introducing the legal and basis for consideration on a number of subjects such as Globalisation and its different stages; the dimensional nature of the supply chain; and proportional distribution of related risk, responsibilities and costs etc.

On the subject of Globalisation National/International Commerce and the Law published articles include “The Operation of the International Supply Chain” 2008; “Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: Certainty and the Law” 2009; “Davos 2009/Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: Commercial Globalisation (international Commerce) Only Serves the Wrong Purpose Unless There is a Legal Framework that Controls it” 2009; “PGC Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: What should the World Expect When Dealing with International Issues?” 2009; “Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: The Consideration of the Effects of Commercial Globalisation (International Commerce) has to Include the Environment and Climate Change” 2009; “Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: Global Cause of Global Problems and Solutions?” 2009; “Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09:  The Re-activation of the Economy and the Environment” 2009;   “Progressive Governance Conference (PGC) Chile 09/G20 London 09/UN Copenhagen 09: International Commerce Under “Globalisation” 2009;      

In 2014 Sam and Kay issued a paper entitled “Review of the Nobel Prize Economics 2014” the Economics prize for 2014 having been given to Professor Jean Tirole for his work entitled “The science of taming powerful firms”. The review effected a comparison of the comments by the Nobel Committee against the commercial and legal models created by us.

The review of the 2014 Economics prize resulted in the formation of a new concept to describe the process by which Governments should seek to find an ethical and practical distribution of the commercial activity through use of the law to end poverty and control globalisation. The new concept is “Commercial Dynamic Equilibrium”.

In 2009 Sam and Kay defined the legal commercial framework which was then translated into eight languages and published. Using this definition in 2011, Sam introduced outer space commerce as a topic for consideration within the legal commercial framework in association with the Houseof BranchofGold. In the same year, Sam and Kay identified the relevance between outer space events and the “Rotterdam Rules” in connection with the omission under these rules of a defence of error in navigation. Following on from the introduction of the outer space programme, technology was incorporated into the research of the supply chain and concepts such as Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Fourth Revolution, Nano-Technology etc. have been considered in a book which is a work in progress entitled “Universal Code” which is considering the current concept of the supply chain and how it will operate in the future.


He is the founder of “The House of Branch of Gold” a private research unit.