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Pysdens COVID-19: Supply Chain and Self-Sufficiency

Supply Chain and Self-Sufficiency: Concerning Ms Sabine Weyand, the European Commission’s Director-General for trade, it was reported that ““Self-sufficiency is not an option for any country. It’s not an option even for any continent,” she said last week during a webinar hosted by the Washington International Trade Association. To make her point, Weyand gave the example of ventilators, the breathing-assistance machines in short supply across the world and desperately needed in the fight against the outbreak. Depending on the model, they can contain as many as 900 pieces sourced from all over the world. To make supply chains resilient, it’s best to involve as many countries as possible and diversify, she argued.” 277 COVID-19 PYSDENS VARIETY IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN -COVID-19