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  1. United Nations UNCTAD: the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has published a 10-point action plan to “STRENGTHEN INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TRANSPORT FACILITATION IN TIMES OF PANDEMIC”… It states at point 7 under the heading “Go paperless” that “As physical contact between people needs to be minimized, electronic submissions and paperless transactions become ever more important. Although goods still need to be moved physically, clearance operations and the exchange of information should make use of existing electronic data interchange as much as possible. Electronic alternatives to traditional, paper-based negotiable bills of lading should be used by contracting parties where possible. Non-negotiable transport documents should be used where independent documentary security is not needed or the sale of goods in transit is not envisaged…” (M. Kituyi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD (2020) / Ms. Shamika N. Sirimanne Director Division on Technology and Logistics)…Pysdens Warning: over the years we have warned that a paperless digital supply chain has a potential risk of the equivalent to be attacked by a “digital COVID-19” creating commercial losses as well as lives…”281 PYSDENS COVID-19 UNIED NATIONS UNCTAD PAPERLESS